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Xandir P. Wifflebottom
There's plenty of places in the Nexus one can withdraw with company and not force everybody else to watch what they're doing; one's a lot like a hotel hallway, though it's deserted. That's where Xandir heads with Alice, murmuring to him "I thought you might want to explore more..."
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Subtle like a sledgehammer. There's all kinds of places in the Nexus one can withdraw with company- Xandir's got a favorite, and he leads Charlie there by the finger hooked into his beltloop.
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Chibi Seme
Chibi Seme
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...great big house, and it's completely empty. "Captain Hero's out clubbing tonight, so. Hey, we could use the hot tub?" he suggests.
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Xandir's been in the confessional a lot, which is fine for the show- but he's constantly going on about these absurd fictional encounters involving people in something called 'The Nexus'. So the producers have been cutting these out.

"So last night, in the Nexus, I met the King of the Gays, and I defeated him in single combat and made myself their king! --except none of the gay people I've met there seem to think he was their king... I think I got taken." A pout. "Wait, I said 'taken', not 'screwed', right?"
"Uhm there are a lot of people in this Nexus place. And some of them are really very nice. Some of them are kinda, uhm. Weirdly, my cousin Alex is around, only he thinks he's someone else. It's kind of cute, but I still don't want him to cross the street by himself."
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